Timeline of StopAdani actions The fight to StopAdani's coal mine is the biggest peoplepowered campaign in Australian history. This is a timeline of important events in the StopAdani campaign since December 2016. 20161203 090000 Potential $1 billion taxpayer loan for Galilee Rail Project announced. Media reports the Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund NAIF is considering a $1BN taxpayer loan for Adani's rail line, triggering an immediate and strong response from the Stop Adani movement. 20161204 090000 CEO Gautam Adani visits on his private jet to ask PM for $1 billion. 500 people gather at a snap rally in response to a meeting between Adani and PM Malcolm Turnbull in Melbourne to discuss the $1BN public loan. 20161205 090038 Hundreds protest in Townsville as Adani meets Queensland Premier. A snap rally draws hundreds of people to protest in Townsville as Adani meets Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. 20161216 085738 1 million signatures against the plan to hand Adani $1BN in public funds! The petition to stop a $1 billion loan to billionaire mining company Adani gathers one million signatures. 20161231 122008 Reachtel polling on $1BN taxpayer loan shows almost 75 in opposition. Reachtel polling on plans to give Adani a $1BN public loan commissioned by GetUp shows 74.4 Australians are in opposition. 20170216 102738 "The Adani Brief" report of Adani's dodgy history is launched. Environmental Justice Australia launches "The Adani Brief What governments and financiers need to know about the Adani Groups record overseas." Based on hundreds of court documents, it highlights Adani Groups long record of failing to comply with environmental law, along with allegations of fraud and corruption. See also GetUp's action site The Adani Files. www.adanifiles.com.au 20170220 102738 1000 people mobilise to tell Westpac to rule out funding Adani's coal mine. With a focus on Adani finance, attention turns to the big Australians banks. A big Westpac mobilisation sees 1000 people across Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne call on the bank to rule out funding Adani. 20170315 100508 StopAdani delegation in India takes letter from 90 prominent Australians. As the QLD Premier flies to India with QLD mayors to court Adani's business, a StopAdani delegation of a grazier, a Reef tour operator, a businessman and a Reef campaigner head to India to deliver a letter to Gautam Adani from over 90 prominent Australians, including cricket legends Greg and Ian Chappell. The delegation confronts the Premier in India on her support for building one of the world's biggest coal mines. 20170322 100508 Stop Adani Alliance Launched! 13 key environment groups, representing 1.5 million Australians, launch the Stop Adani Alliance at Parliament House in Canberra. They vow to fight Adani's devastating coal mine. 20170328 100508 Thousands attend StopAdani Roadshows around Australia. The Stop Adani Roadshow hosts soldout public meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Townsville. 4,000 people attend, with a further 4000 watching the livestreamed events. 20170401 100508 160 local Stop Adani groups form around Australia. More than 160 StopAdani local action groups form to stop their local MPs handing over $1BN of public funds to Adani and make the mine history. 20170401 100508 First StopAdani documentary "Guarding the Galilee" launches. The first StopAdani documentary, "Guarding the Galilee" is launched. Throughout 2017, community groups host more than 400 screenings of the film which explains the threat Adani poses to our climate, water and Reef. The film helped to mobilise local communities into action. 20170403 100508 Hundreds of satirical Westpac subvertisements go up around Australia. Posters go up in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The posters highlight that Australian bank Westpac has not ruled out funding Adani's coal project. 20170403 100508 Adani breaches their pollution licence by 800 Adani breaches their pollution licence by 800, allowing coalladen water spill into the coastal waters of the Great Barrier Reef. 20170406 100508 Complaint lodged with the Productivity Commission about Adani's $1BN loan. Environmental Justice Australia, on behalf of Institute of Energy Economics and Finance Analysis, lodges a complaint with the Productivity Commission, arguing that a $1 billion taxpayerfunded loan from NAIF to support a private coalhauling railway would breach competitive neutrality principles and give Adani an unfair advantage. 20170408 100508 Huge Birthday Party Action at Westpacs birthday celebrations. Westpac won't rule out funding Adani so a raucous, pumping, lively bunch from the StopAdani community gathered outside Westpac's 200th birthday celebrations. All of Westpac's guests had to pass past the crowd with a clear message to Westpac rule out funding Adani's coal mine! 20170412 100508 Rally at the Indian High Commission. A group gathers at the Indian High Commission in Canberra to hand over the Adani Files and send a message that Australia does not want to send dirty coal to India. 20170428 100508 Westpac rules out funding Adani! Westpac rules out funding Adani, with a new policy prohibiting lending to projects in new coal basins. 20170501 161238 GetUp targets 13 Liberal and National Party MPs over Adani loan. GetUp members target 13 LNP MPs in marginal electorates to say no to Adanis NAIF loan. GetUp! members funded advertising, called and emailed their MPs, visited their offices and made 54,589 calls to voters in 11 electorates. 3 MPs from Turnbulls camp came out against Adani's $1BN loan Bert Van Mannen, Sarah Henderson and Jason Wood. 20170501 161238 QLD gives Adani licence to take unlimited water, for free, for 60 years. While Queensland was distracted by Cyclone Debbie, the Queensland Government granted Adani a water licence that outraged farmers and rural communities alike. 20170508 043508 SEED candlelit vigil as Turnbull changes Native Title laws for Adani. SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network hold a candlelit vigil spelling 'Land Rights not Mining Rights' at Federal Parliament ahead of Native Title Act amendments making it easier for Adani to access the land it needs. Just weeks before, the Prime Minister promised Gautam Adani he would 'fix' Native Title to allow his coal mine to proceed. 20170518 203508 Qld Govt reveals a royalty holiday for Adani. Analysis shows that the deal would cost Queensland taxpayers $253.3 million in net present value terms and almost $370 in nominal terms for the next five years. 20170519 161238 Week of Action turns focus on CommBank. While grassroots groups had planned a Westpac week of action, they quickly focused on CommBank after Westpac ruled out funding Adani. 2,500 people took part in 50 actions at CommBank branches. 20170529 161238 Concerns raised about conflicts of interests on NAIF board. Environmental Justice Australia raises concerns with NAIF, the Government body that is handling Adani's $1BN loan, about its board members who have links to companies that may benefit from Adani's project and $1 billion loan. 20170529 161238 Qld Government Confirms it will act as a middleman for Adani's $1BN loan. The Queensland Government confirms that it will act as a middleman for Adani's $1 billion public NAIF loan. 20170601 161238 'Peoples Banks of Better Ideas' submit ideas for how $1B could be better spent. The community had so many ideas for how Adani's $1BN loan could be better spent 1,200 ideas to be exact! The Peoples Banks of Better Ideas was the brainchild of ACF volunteer Sharon France. 20170616 161238 The Adani List launches, identifying Adani's potential partners. The Adani List launched, listing companies working with or at risk of working with Adani. 20170622 161238 The Godfather of Coral calls on Turnbull Govt to revoke approval. Charlie Veron, former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science AIMS, called the Godfather of Coral, calls on the Turnbull Government to revoke its environmental approval for Adani's Carmichael coal mine. 20170701 161238 Stop Adani Challenge inundates Turnbull's office with calls about Adani. PM Malcolm Turnbulls office receives a phone call about Adani every 10 minutes for three days straight during the StopAdani challenge. 20170705 161238 300 people protest at 14 CommBank branches across Newcastle. 300 people turn up 14 CommBank branches across Newcastle calling on CommBank to rule out funding Adani. CommBank decides to shut all bank branches in Newcastle. 20170707 161238 Charlie Veron addresses UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Charlie Veron, the Godfather of Coral, addresses the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and tells them Australia has to get cracking on climate action to protect the Reef. 20170710 161238 QLD Labor conference rejects motions to stop Adani's coal mine. 200 people gather outside the ALP state conference in Townsville while inside the ALP rejected motions from several branches calling on the party to stop the Adani project. 20170810 155008 StopAdani human sign outside Parliament House in Canberra. Canberra residents put their bodies on the line to spell out StopAdani on the lawns of Parliament House as the federal inquiry into NAIF has its first public hearing. 20170811 155008 CommBank rules out funding Adani! After sustained pressure from the community, CommBank rules out funding Adani as well! 20170816 155008 Fresh fraud allegations against Adani. Fresh fraud allegations that Adani siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from India into tax havens put more pressure on the Government to rule out funding. 20170821 155008 StopAdani summits across North and Central Queensland. StopAdani summits across north and central Queensland bring community members together to plan their community actions. 20170824 100508 Adani elects to fight tiny $12,000 fine for exceeding pollution licence. Adani decides to fight their fine in court instead of accepting their wrongdoing and paying up for exceeding their pollution licence by 800, letting coalladen water spill out from their Abbot Point Port into the Great Barrier Reef coast. 20170902 060508 Sydney StopAdani Summit. Sydney's StopAdani Summit brings together 350 people from 25 community groups and organisations. Bob Brown gives the keynote speech and warns of an electoral revolt if Adani proceeds. 20170910 060508 Brisbane StopAdani Summit. Brisbane's StopAdani Summit brings together 180 people from 15 community groups. 20170916 060508 Port Macquarie StopAdani Summit. Port Macquarie's StopAdani Summit brings together 80 people from across the MidNorth Coast including Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Gloucester, and Taree. 20170916 060508 Guarding the Galilee at Federation Square. Guarding the Galilee documentary plays on the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne. 20170918 060508 Frontline Week of Action. 150 members of the community take action on site with stop work actions at Abbot Point, and Adanis Townsville office. 20171002 060508 ABC Four Corners' expose on Adani's corporate practices overseas. Australia's premier current affairs program, ABC's Four Corners, runs an expose on Adani revealing a range of shady corporate practices and a history of environmental damage. 20171002 060508 Midnight Oils tour highlights StopAdani campaign. Midnight Oils tour highlights the Stop Adani campaign and its impacts on the Reef, including multiple press conferences. 20171007 060508 20,000 people join StopAdani National Day of Action! StopAdani Big Day of Action attracts 20,000 people in 60 locations with people using their bodies to spell out StopAdani for our politicians. The biggest human signs are formed in Brisbane, Melbourne, and on Bondi beach in Sydney. 20171014 115738 Revealed Ministers wrote to China to vouch for Adani in bid for funding. It is revealed that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Trade Minister Steven Ciobo wrote to China to vouch for Adani in a bid to secure funding for Adani's coal project. 20171024 060508 Peter Garrett AM gives Press Club speech "Trashing our Crown Jewel" The National Press Club address by Peter Garrett AM "Trashing our Crown Jewel the fate of the Great Barrier Reef in the coal age" urges our political leaders to StopAdani to protect our Reef. 20171029 042738 Annastacia Palaszczuk calls Qld election. QLD Premier's press conference is interrupted by StopAdani protesters. The campaign and Adani's $1 billion loan is front and centre of media reports during the election. 20171029 060508 Melbourne StopAdani Summit. 350 people from 40 different community groups and organisations come together in Fitzroy Town Hall. 20171101 070508 Protest walking tour of Adani's Contractors, Melbourne. Walking tour in Melbourne visits key corporate backers of Adani and rallies outside international mining conference. 1st Nov 2017 25th Nov 2017 StopAdani campaigners a relentless presence on Qld campaign trail. Queensland candidates and leaders find StopAdani protesters wherever they go even as they cast their vote on polling day. 3rd November 2017 Qld Premier announces that QLD will veto Adani's $1 billion loan! After sustained pressure from the community, the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announces her Government would have "no role in the future"... 9th Nov 2017 23rd Nov 2017 The StopAdani Shakeup. The StopAdani Shakeup, a week of action targeting federal MPs, kicks off around the nation. There are 25 actions, including at offices of Anthony... 16th Nov 2017 30th Nov 2017 StopAdani Calling Parties. Calling parties run by GetUp and StopAdani groups place 130,000 calls into marginal electorates across Queensland, bringing StopAdani front of mind... 18th November 2017 Great Big StopAdani Doorknock. Great Big StopAdani Doorknock Brisbane Mackay. 1,500 homes are door knocked in Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls electorate. The results are handed... 21st November 2017 Faith leaders gather at Adani's mine site. People of faith gather for a peaceful prayer action where Adani plans to build its mine. 25th November 2017 Queensland election day. Election day in the Queensland state election is busy, with 333 GetUp volunteers give out HowToVotes on Queensland election day at key polling... 27th November 2017 StopAdani rally at Qld Parliament immediately after election day. StopAdani rally is held on the steps of Qld Parliament on first working day after the election. The action calls on Premier Palaszczuk to deliver on... 1st Dec 2017 5th Dec 2017 On the 1st, 3rd, 5th Dec 3 Chinese banks and then Chinese embassy rule out funding for Adani. In response to public action and lobbying commitments are made by the China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial... 3rd December 2017 WJ Traditional Owners vote against a deal with Adani for the fourth time. For the fourth time since 2012, WJ Traditional Owners vote unanimously to reject an Indigenous Land Use Agreement ILUA with Adani, underlining... 6th Dec 2017 8th Dec 2017 Adani referred to ACCC over job claims. Environmental Justice Australia acting for Townsville jobseeker Chris McCoomb, refer Adani to the ACCC over the companys 10,000 jobs claims. 12th December 2017 Palaszczuk makes vetoing $1B loan to Adani her first act. Palaszczuk makes a veto of the $1 billion loan to Adanis coal project the first official act of her returned government. 13th December 2017 4th Chinese bank rules out funding Adani China Merchants Bank. China Merchants Bank becomes the fourth major Chinese bank to categorically rule out lending to the Adani project. 14th December 2017 NAB rules out funding for any new thermal coal mining projects. NAB rules out funding for any new thermal coal mining projects, including new proposed expansions. 18th December 2017 Downer EDI cancels Adani contract. As Adani's contractors and potential financiers desert its controversial coal project, Downer EDI cancels their contract with Adani. 1st February 2018 Polling shows huge surge in opposition to Adani's coal mine. Polling shows a huge surge opposition to Adani a 13 rise in one year. 73 of Australians also want to halt the expansion of coal mining in favour... 1st February 2018 Aurizon withdraws their application for public funds to build Adani's rail. Infrastructure company Aurizon withdraws their application for NAIF funding to build Adanis railway line as it failed to secure user contracts for... 9th February 2018 Rally at Parliament House on first day Parliament returns. People rally outside Australian Parliament in Canberra to call on our politicians to make this year the year they StopAdani. 22nd February 2018 StopAdani A Mighty Force premieres in dozens of locations. Second StopAdani film premieres in dozens of locations around Australia. 5th March 2018 Government attempts to fund Adani through backdoor exposed. It is revealed that the Government is trying to find a backdoor route to fund Adani through a little known Government agency, the Export and Finance... 7th March 2018 Bipartisan political support on Adani begins to craclk. Bipartisan political support for Adani begins to crumble as Opposition leader Bill Shorten says he doesn't support Adanis coal mine. BUT Bill Shorten... 12th March 2018 Gautam Adani so rich he can fund his mine himself. Gautam Adanis wealth soars to US $15 billion. Analysts say he is rich enough to fund the Carmichael coal project himself. 12th March 2018 75 of PM's own electorate want review of Adani's approvals. Polling shows that 75 of the Prime Ministers own electorate back a review of Adanis approvals. 9th April 2018 Adani to export Queensland coal to Bangladesh. Adani reveals plans to export Queensland coal to Bangladesh instead. Analysts say this will lock Bangladesh into high power prices from this dirty... 14th April 2018 50 faith leaders sign letter to Gautam Adani asking him to stop coal mine. Fifty religious leaders sign on to a letter to Gautam Adani asking him not to proceed with his coal mine. Buddhist monks, priests, rabbis and nuns... 18th April 2018 StopAdani Water Summit calls for cancellation of Adani water licences. StopAdani Water Summit held in Brisbane, with grazier Bruce Currie. The summit reveals the water impacts of Adanis coal mine and calls for Adanis... 18th April 2018 Musicians at Bluesfest speak out about Adanis coal mine. Musicians at Bluesfest speak out about Adanis coal mine, culminating in a major moment on the main stage with John Butler and Adrian Burragubba from... 29th April 2018 Govt gives $500 million to tiny body stacked by big business for Reef. A tiny organisation, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, stacked with miners and big business receives $444 million for Reef projects, bypassing the... 17th May 2018 AECOM walks away from Adanis coal project. Global engineering firm AECOM walks away from Adanis coal project. 27th May 2018 StopAdani beach party outside Prime Minister's mansion in Point Piper. StopAdani Sydney holds a beach party on the beach outside Malcolm Turnbulls mansion in Point Piper to call on him not to fund Adanis mine 28th May 2018 Adani bankrolls four Isaac Regional Council positions. Adani bankrolls four Isaac Regional Council positions paying up to $1.15 million in wages costs for staff tasked with contractual, engineering,... 1st June 2018 StopAdani groups from all over Oz gather at Beyond Coal conference. More than 350 people, including StopAdani groups from all around Australia, gather on the Sunshine Coast to be part of the Beyond Coal and Gas... 6th June 2018 QLD Premier considers giving $100 million to upgrade Adani roads. The Qld Government considers covering the $100 million upfront cost of road access and upgrades for Adani's Queensland mine after pledging at the... 6th June 2018 Adani seeks to dodge further water assessments under Federal laws. Adani seeks to dodge further water assessments of its North Galilee Water Scheme under Federal laws. The scheme proposes taking 12.5 billion litres of... 6th June 2018 Key Win! Townsville Council redirects funds away from Adani airport. After an intense local backlash, Townsville Council redirects $18.5 million of ratepayers money they had previously pledged for Adanis airport. 5th July 2018 Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners take land rights fight to UN. With the threat of the Queensland Government extinguishing their native title forever, the WJ Traditional Owners Council approach the UN, asking them... 5th July 2018 Juru Traditional Owners ask QLD to protect sacred sites at Abbott Point. Juru Traditional Owners ask Minister Jackie Trad to issue a 'stop order' to protect their sacred sites at Abbot Point after Adani failed to organise... 5th July 2018 Sea Shepherd Australia launches Operation Reef Defence. Sea Shepherd Australia launches Operation Reef Defence, taking their ship, the Steve Irwin, up the east coast of Australia, taking the fight for the... 25th July 2018 StopAdani Gold Coast greets Sea Shepherd's ship the Steve Irwin. StopAdani Gold Coast organises a huge welcome party for Sea Shepherd's ship the Steve Irwin as it travels up the coast to Abbot Point, revving up... 10th August 2018 Secret documents show QLD Government knew Adani would pollute the Reef. With just weeks to go before deadlines to prosecute Adani for letting coal sludge spill into the Reef Coast, documents obtained by Mackay Conservation... 24th August 2018 Turnbull becomes yet another Prime Minister rolled over climate policy. In reaction to the Government's energy policy, Malcolm Turnbull is rolled for Scott Morrison by a small band of procoal, climatedenying MP's in the... 6th September 2018 Key Win! QLD decides to uphold the law and prosecute Adani for coal spill. Pushed by community action, the Queensland Government announces that it will uphold Queensland's environmental laws and prosecute Adani for breaching... 6th September 2018 Former Liberal leader John Hewson joins Wentworth StopAdani doorknock. Former leader of the Liberal Party John Hewson joined the StopAdani doorknock in Wentworth during the Wentworth byelection to fill Malcolm... 6th September 2018 National StopAdani Doorknock. Thousands of people from StopAdani groups all over the country take to the streets as part of the StopAdani National Doorknock, talking with their... 7th September 2018 Kick Coal out of Politics snap rallies! In response to losing yet another Prime Minister over climate policies, communities rally to call for dirty coal politics to end. 11th September 2018 Adani's illegal drilling of groundwater bores and land clearing exposed. High resolution satellite and drone imagery shows illegal works at Adani's mine site, including drilling dewatering bores and clearing of vegetation.... 5th November 2018 Korean banks rule out funding Adani as WJ head to Korea. The Korea Development Bank, ExportImport Bank of Korea and KDB Infrastructure Asset Management rule out funding Adani's coal mine ahead of a visit by... 28th November 2018 Adani announce they will selffund their coal mine. As Queensland battles some of the worst bushfires ever experienced by the state, Adani throws fuel on the fire by announcing that they will selffund... 30th November 2018 Over 15,000 students join School Strike 4 Climate rallies. Students from all around Australia go on strike to protest Government inaction on climate change and to call on the Government to StopAdani. The... 8th December 2018 15,000 March for Our Future to StopAdani. Just a week after school students went on strike for climate action, thousands of people joined studentled rallies calling for major political... 8th December 2018 National polling shows 80 of Labor voters want Shorten to StopAdani. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition released polling showing that Labor voters overwhelmingly want Labor to stop Adani's coal mine. 21st December 2018 Adani moves machinery to mine site and lashes out at QLD in PR stunt. Adani moves machinery to its mine site before they have approvals to begin their mine and starts lashing out at the Queensland Government over... 30th December 2018 Adani unwittingly provides persuasive evidence of illegal bores to QLD. It is revealed that Adani unwittingly provided "persuasive" evidence for a Queensland Government investigation into allegedly illegal works on its... 4th January 2019 Adani tries to bankrupt WJ Traditional Owner for defending his country. Adani's bullying tactics reach new heights as the company tries to bankrupt Adrian Burragubba, WJ Traditional Owner, for trying to defend WJ... 17th January 2019 The Federal Govt's tinpot investigation finds Adani's bores were legal. The Federal Government's investigation into Adani's onsite dewatering bores found no wrongdoing despite only visiting the site once and requesting... 21st January 2019 Adani's Finch Plan referred for independent expert review. Adani's Black Throated Finch Management Plan is referred by the Queensland Government to an independent panel of expert scientists for review after it... 30th January 2019 Scientific report reveals Adani will send finch extinct. An expert report published in the journal 'Environmental Science and Policy' called "How to Send a Finch Extinct" reveals that the mine could destroy... 18th February 2019 Adani's "attack dog" legal strategy leaked to the media. Adani's lawyers' legal strategy in which they describe themselves as "trained attack dogs" who will wage legal "war" against the community is leaked... 12th March 2019 Thousands rally in Canberra at the first day of Parliament for 2019. Thousands of people rallied outside Australian Parliament to remind politicians that this was the year the Australian community wanted them to... 15th March 2019 150,000 people join ClimateStrike rallies around Australia. An estimated 150,000 students and adult supporters across Australia joined massive, vibrant, nationwide climate strikes today, in over 60 cities and... 25th Mar 2019 1st Apr 2019 Climate Election Kickstarters. Climate Election Kickstarter events happen around the country as community groups gear up to connect with people to talk about Adani's coal mine and... 9th April 2019 Federal Government approves Adani's groundwater plans despite concerns. The Federal Government approved Adani's groundwater management plan despite CSIRO and Geoscience Australia's questions on Adani's groundwater... 11th April 2019 Groundwater studies by CSIRO reveal Adani's flawed water modelling. Groundwater studies by the CSIRO have revealed modelling used by Adani ahead of the Federal Government's approval were "not suitable to ensure the... 13th April 2019 Walk for Water in Mackay. Water is an important issue for regional Queenslanders. Mackay locals joined a Walk for Water to protest Adani's impact on Queensland's lifeblood.... 3rd May 2019 Queensland Government rejects Adani's Black Throated Finch Management Plan. The Queensland Government rejected Adani's Black Throated Finch Management Plan and added extra conditions that needed to be satisfied. A Department... 3rd May 2019 School Strike holds a ClimateElection Day of Action. On Friday, May 3, School Strike 4 Climate held strikes at Federal MPs offices around the country demanding that they stop Adani's coal mine, commit to... 14th May 2019 CSIRO documents reveal water approvals ticked off in hours without detail. Internal CSIRO correspondence reveals the science agency was pushed to formally accept the Federal Government's approval of Adani's water plans in a... 18th May 2019 Federal Election sees the Morrison Government returned to power. In a shock result, the Morrison Government is returned to power against expectations. 30th May 2019 The QLD Government approves Adani's Finch plan despite extinction fears. Just weeks after the Federal Election and despite scientific evidence that Adani's mine will send the Black Throated Finch into extinction, the... 5th June 2019 Adani caught on drone footage doing illegal work on the mine site. Drone footage and highresolution satellite imagery shows evidence of illegal work being done at Adani's controversial Carmichael coal mine project. 5th June 2019 'Stop The Clock' rally calls on QLD to stop Adani's water approvals. After Adani was caught conducting illegal work on site and the Federal Government waved Adani's water approvals through, a large crowd gathered at... 12th June 2019 ACF wins legal challenge to Adanis water approval. The Australian Conservation Foundation wins their legal challenge to Adani's water scheme approval as the Federal Government concedes the case. 15th June 2019 QLD Government approves Adanis Groundwater plan after intense pressure...After intense pressure from Adani in the media, the Queensland Government approval of Adani's groundwater plans. 15th June 2019 Adani intimidates scientists by seeking names of those involved in...Adani's intimidating behaviour is revealed as it is shown Adani sought the names of scientists involved in the assessment of their groundwater plans. 20th June 2019 Liberty Mutual rules out insuring Adani. After tens of thousands of people call on Liberty Mutual to rule out insuring Adani, Liberty announces that it will not cover Adani's Carmichael coal... 12th July 2019 Federal Court dismisses WJ Traditional Owners' challenge to Adani's land...The Federal Court upholds Adani's land use agreement. WJ Traditional Owners Family Council turns their sights on the Queensland Government, asking... 16th July 2019 QLD Government to prosecute Adani for providing false and misleading...The QLD Government announces it will prosecute Adani for providing 'false and misleading' information in its Annual Report to Government which made no... 17th July 2019 Black Throated Finch Art Project sees artists create hundreds of pieces of...A community initiative by artists sees hundreds of artists creating heartbreaking works of art about the Black Throated Finch and mailing them to... 24th July 2019 Expert reveals Adani coal mine is surviving on a lifeline from parent...Professor Sandra van der Laan exposes Adani's coal project as a house of cards. Adani's corporate structure and the fact Adani's coal mine is... 29th July 2019 National Week of Action at Adani's oldest contractor's offices. Stop Adani groups around Australia turned out at GHD offices around Australia to call on the contractor to stand with the community for climate... 15th August 2019 Adani bankrupts Adrian Burragubba, WJ Traditional Owner. In a shocking move, Adani follows through and bankrupts Traditional Owner Adrian Burragubba. Adrian vows to continue fighting Adani. 29th August 2019 QLD Government extinguishes WJ's Native Title. Despite appeals from the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council, the QLD Government extinguishes their native title for 29th August 2019 Rallies at AIG offices calling on the insurer to rule out Adani. Rallies at AIG headquarters in Sydney and Melbourne call on the insurer to follow Liberty Mutual's move and rule out insuring Adani's coal mine. 31st August 2019 Adani warns WJ that it may take action against WJ members for trespass. A week after bankrupting Adrian Burragubba and just days after the QLD Government extinguishes Native Title, Adani warns the WJ Family Council that... 20th September 2019 Community calls on All Blacks Rugby team to drop AIG as sponsor. The community calls on the All Blacks rugby team to drop principal sponsor AIG over their potential links as insurers to Adanis coal mine. 20th September 2019 Biggest Climate Mobilisation in Australian history! 350k at Climatestrike. 350,000 people take to the streets to take part in the ClimateStrike, lead by school students. 100K Melbourne, 80K Sydney, 30K Brisbane, 20K... 30th September 2019 Adani misses deadline for agreeing to royalty deal and has the deadline extended for a further 8 weeks. Adani CEO Lucas Dow has previously said that... 3rd October 2019 Key Win! AXIS Capital rules out providing insurance for Adani's rail line. Insurance company AXIS Capital becomes the latest company to refuse to insure Adani's rail line. 4th October 2019 Key Win! Another insurer rules out insuring Adani's coal project. Just a day after AXIS Capital dropped out of negotiations with Adani, insurer Canopius confirms it


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