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Campaign goal = Stop the current coal mining licences and applications

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Victory for Gloucester. The box in the photo below – “STOP Gloucester” – can now be ticked. AGL has announced it is pulling out of its Gloucester operations. A great victory for the Stop CSG movement. AGL issued a statement on Thursday 3rd February 2016 explaining their decision. They emphasised economic considerations. We know of course that the ongoing community opposition to the project was also a deciding factor but all that matters in the end is that it is over. This brings to three the number of significant victories in NSW against CSG. The cancellation of PEL2, the Northern Rivers victory, and now the Gloucester win.

The NSW Government must now realise that CSG has no future in this State and withdraw it’s support for these projects. The media report it as a great victory for the opponents of CSG. AGL intend to continue the Camden operations until 2023. This is 12 years earlier than planned, but is still not acceptable. The adverse health effects being caused in the area are serious and will continue while production is allowed so close to residential areas. The long running campaign at North Sydney will now be reviewed (at a big celebration day on Wed. 10th Feb.)

Meanwhile the campaign against the Santos project in the Pilliga continues, with a controversial event occurring this week. Media reports have come in that police used pepper spray on protesters in the Pilliga. The Sydney-based campaign continues on Fridays at 10.30 Pitt St and Reiby Place, near Circular Quay. (sourced[23/02/2017 5:03:07 PM])

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Campaign issue = Mining

Stop CSG Blue Mountains

Campaign area = Regional

Campaign location = Blue Mountains, NSW

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