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Transition in Break O’Day . . . Moving Forward! Transition Towns/Transition is not an organisation, a business, or an agenda directed, ‘top-down’ or micro-managed process. Transition is a local, community-inspired, creative and ever evolving, place- specific/relevant and ‘bottom-up’ movement for change . . . Transition Towns/Transition is ‘community focused’. Transition works to build cohesive, strong and resilient local communities which embrace and foster local diversity, interconnectedness and skills and which take care of their local natural environment and natural world.

“A push towards clean air, sunshine, beauty, rediscovering each other; community and celebration. This is a key shift in our perception. The difference between change that feels like being torn away from something and change that feels like moving towards something is huge. This is the approach Transition takes. It suggests that the collective intentional transition could lead us to a far better place than where we are today. Who’s to say that the world we see today is the best we could ever do?” Rob Hopkins, co-founder of Transition (Ref: ‘The Transition Companion – Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times’ Pub: Green Books, 2011, p39). A Transition Roadshow (a joint initiative between Transition Tasmania and ‘Be the Change’ Aust.) was offered in both St. Helens and St. Mary’s in December 2012. This helped to raise awareness of global issues which may currently, or potentially, impact on local community life…or on the lives/lifestyles of some individuals, or sectors of local communities.

Various additional ‘Awareness Raising’ workshops/events may be offered in the future, depending on local community interest at the time. Subsequent to the Roadshow here in Break O’Day, small groups of community members have come together to brainstorm ideas for local community-based initiatives. (Refer Transition Break O’Day blog/facebook sites/links for further information.) The Transition Break O’Day Steering Group was formed on 17th January 2013. (Refer Transition Break O’Day blog/facebook sites/links for further information.)

In addition, follow up ‘Transition in Action’ workshops are planned to be offered locally (e.g. organic gardening, Permaculture/Biodynamics, compost making, home renovations/building, seed saving/sharing, composting, propagation, recycling, community skill sharing, food growing, harvesting and preserving, bread making, cooking, etc). Transition in Action workshops/events will seek to meet local community interest/need at the time. Transition Skills Training Workshops are also planned to help facilitate ‘Moving Forward’ here in Break O’Day. These will include training in facilitating group meetings, if needed. (These workshops have already been offered through Healthy House.) We can also invite other ‘transitioners’ from Tasmania and elsewhere to come along to share experiences and feedback.

So, we’re all in the process of discovery. We’re in the process of writing our own unique local Transition story… No one is an ‘expert’; no one is ‘in charge’. We can be guided by others’ experience, and are also free to be innovative and creative. Transition is an organic and evolving process. We can therefore feel free to experiment, to make mistakes, to learn…and to grow and move forward. Transition is about coming together, making new contacts and new friends … it’s about celebrating where we live and about creating the communities we’d like to live in …and, above all, it’s about having fun!! (sourced from website 6/11/2021)


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