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Group Description

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Building resilience, sustainability and community in the Margaret River region

Transition Margaret River is a grass-roots community group, part of the worldwide Transition Network, a community-led local approach to creating a more sustainable, resilient, happier society in the face of challenges in today’s world, especially climate change, economic uncertainty and unsustainable resource use.

Who are we? Our ages range from teens to nineties. Occupations include farmers, academics, professionals, tradies, business employees, vignerons, artists, teachers, students, retirees – – -. We come from multicultural backgrounds, especially since joining forces with Intercultural Group of Margaret River. Several of us are on the Augusta Margaret River Shire Council (AMRSC) and have committee positions in other groups e.g. Nature Conservation Margaret River Region, Margaret River Regional Environment Centre, the Shire’s Sustainability Advisory and Just Home. We share a commitment to building ways of living that are more connected, more enriching and that recognise the biological limits of the Margaret River Region and the planet.

What is our focus? Our focus is promoting ways of living that are low-carbon, less resource intensive, socially connected, and that protect our local environment. Key themes are:
climate change mitigation and adaptation,
community building,
food (local, organic, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, food sovereignty),
energy (renewable energy, conservation),
waste (reduction, plastic-free, composting, recycling),
water (conservation and water sensitive design),
transport (electric vehicles, sustainable transport, walkable towns),
sustainable living (housing, development, Living Smart)

Find out more at https://transitionaustralia.net/group/transition-margaret-river/ (sourced from website 6/11/2021)


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