WAO was created by chance by Founder Brigitte Stevens in 2006, to save the life of one special orphaned Southern Hairynosed Wombat named Barney, after her tenure at Steve Irwins Australia Zoo. When Barney became ill, the only advice given by veterinarians was to move him to his natural environment in South Australia. With no other option, Brigitte and little Barney packed up and moved to South Australia, only to discover the wombats of the state had no voice, no advocacy and no genuine protection. What happened next was a roller coaster ride of massive proportions as Brigitte found the courage to defend the wombats against the Government and the nonsympathetic members of the farming community. Wildlife biologist and long term friend Clare Jans joined Brigitte to give the wombats all of the care and support they need and to assist in the development of conservation programs designed to be non invasive and effective in the treatment of wild wombats. These two women still work for free, ensuring every single dollar goes directly to where it should, to the providing assistance to over 1800 wombats every year. Giving these wild, wilful wonderful little Australians a second chance at life. This is a real life story of David and Goliath that can only continue with your help. By donating, adopting a wombat at our sanctuary, or shopping in our online store you are ensuring our sanctuary stays open for the orphaned, injured, diseased, abused and unwanted wombats of Australia. The future of our wombats and yours, and those yet to be rescued is in your hands, please dig deep, so we can continue to fund the veterinary care, provide food and intensive care, and keep our rescue vehicle on the road to protect, rescue and care for these vulnerable and much loved marsupials. You can help the wombats directly by donating today or by joining our Wombat Adoption Program.


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