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What is this development? Site: Lot 1 DP 779817 and Lot 1 DP 408972, No 440 Wooyung Rd, Wooyung, NSW

Description: Land is approx. 82 Ha, including 800m beachfront and contains a wildlife corridor linking Billinudgel Nature Reserve and Wooyung Nature Reserve. It contains Littoral Rainforest protected under SEPP 26 legislation, designated 7(a) Wetlands of State Conservation Significance, listed Rare and Endangered plant species Archidendron hendersonii and the largest stand of Coastal Cypress (Callitris columellaris) in NSW. The site is also contained within a documented Aboriginal Bora ring site complex and has multiple midden sites. Proposed Development: Construction of a 500 unit Tourist Resort, consisting of a 15.4Ha artificial lake containing 3 islands which would house 500 units in 3 storey apartments, multiple shops, restaurants and convention rooms. The large part of the remaining area will comprise an 11.2 Ha Golf course, 631 car parking spaces, 6 coach spaces, a country club, tennis courts and swimming pools.

What the NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor has said to the Sydney Morning Herald about this development:
“This current development is a dog”
“The developer is “greedy””
“I’ve got doubts the stupid thing [from 1988] will ever work”
“I reckon he go broke in the process”

Watch the 1-peg development film “Why Wooyung?” Feedback from the Community Awareness Day, Sunday December 17th 2006.

URGENT: You can help stop this development. Click here to find out how. Contact us and find out what you can do against this unsustainable development. (sourced from 6/11/2021)

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