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The Yarra Riverkeeper Association speaks for the Yarra, Melbourne’s own beautiful, resilient, iconic River. The Association is the credible and authoritative voice for the River. The Yarra Riverkeeper Association (YRKA) is the voice of the Yarra. We are an independent, community led organisation of advocates who represent and protect this iconic Melbourne waterway. As Melbourne’s population grows, the river is coming under increasing environmental pressure, pollution and habitat fragmentation. Riverkeepers are vital to keeping the Yarra healthy.

“We advocate for the River: for green spaces, for water quality, for biodiversity, for the birds, animals, insects and reptiles along the River, for good planning decisions, for the tributaries, for the parklands, for appropriate recreation; and for an understanding of our river and its role in the life of the city of Melbourne. We lobby governments and we educate the community. We tell the story of the River.”
— Andrew Kelly, Yarra Riverkeeper.

Protecting and restoring the Yarra River for you and future generations.

Along its green corridor, the Yarra River brings life, joy, and balance to its 242-kilometre stretch. Beautiful, spiritually significant, and central to Melbourne’s identity, it’s fundamental to our state’s liveability. Our vision is a healthy, protected and loved Yarra River. Every day we work to make this possible, through our advocacy, education, and on-the-ground efforts.

Our Vision: Your Yarra River, with tributaries, that are healthy, protected and loved.
Our Aim: To protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries, from source to mouth, for current and future generations.
Our Objectives:
to be an effective, independent public advocate for the Yarra River and its tributaries.
to provide a unified voice, representative of the community, in relation to whole-of-river issues
to identify, create and implement initiatives that will protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries
to build and foster relationships with all stakeholders
to ensure integrated management founded upon stewardship
to build and make publicly accessible knowledge relating to the Yarra catchment
to celebrate the ecological and social value of the Yarra River and its tributaries
to establish a realistic funding base that can support projected activities.

Help the community increase its awareness and appreciation of the River. There are a number of ways that you can help us to protect the Yarra. From becoming a member to volunteering your time, explore how you can help below. (sourced from website 6/11/2021)


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Yarra River

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